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Taking Customer Service
to the next level

Intelligent customer-service chatbot
for web, mobile, and devices.

Simple and effective Support Ticket System
Guarantee Professional 24/7/365 Support

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

Complexity Intelligence is an Artificial Intelligence startup focused on the
application of its technologies to the Customer Service industry

Our Mission and Vision

We have the challenging mission of helping our customers in improving customer service, in order to optimize costs and increase end-users satisfaction.

Our vision is to leverage Artificial Intelligence to combine the optimization of human agents performance with self-service, AI-based solutions, enabling companies to improve and exceed rising consumer expectations.

DataKnowl Platform

DataKnowl is our SaaS platform for OmniChannel Customer Service optimization and automation.

Services: V-Voice, V-Agent, Support Ticket System, Live Chat, Unified Comm, Customer Portal, Knowledge Base, CRM, SMS, ...

Channels: Voice, Web, Mobile, IP Messaging, SMS, Chat, Social Network, Video, ...

DataKnowl Cloud Services

DataKnowl Cloud Services is our offer for CSaaS, Customer Service as A Service.

DataKnowl Cloud Services allows companies, developers, system integrators, oem, isv to integrate DataKnowl Services in their software and platform with ease, and build powerful intelligent Customer Service application and services.

About Us
Complexity Intelligence is an Artificial Intelligence Company that provides intelligent customer service solutions.

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